Book of James

"A Visit from James" is a one-man drama presentation by David Kitz. David draws on his years of experience as a pastor, teacher, and actor to deliver a direct Word based appeal to the hearts and minds of his audience. The Holy Spirit moves upon His Word to bring the Scriptures to life with truth and power. Consequently, lives are changed by the Spirit and the Word.

Contemporary English speaks to the contemporary heart. David speaks the words of James using the Contemporary English Version. This translation employs a conversational style to which audiences can easily relate. As a result the impact of the words and the drama are greatly enhanced.

Surrender to God! Resist the devil and he will run from you. Come near to God and He will come near to you.

James, was the brother of our Lord, and he has a message of vital importance for God's people today. There are echoes of Jesus in his voice. His love for the poor is evident. He is blunt in his opposition to sin. With integrity he calls for repentance and humility from every believer. There is a sharpness to his words that convicts our wayward hearts. This is a gospel message with teeth.

It's the pure word of God. James tells it like it is, and David Kitz as he portrays James, gives you the straight goods right from the Word, word for word. You are not dealing with one man's opinion here. You are confronted with God's will as recorded in scripture.

Recently, David Kitz did a performance of James in Regina, Saskatchewan. Click here to see the video of that performance! Or, you can click here to listen to a studio production of the Book of James.

To book David Kitz for a performance:

Phone: 613.830.4242

James Audio Book

You can purchase a Digital(MP3) copy or CD of David dramatizing James here.

Some frequently asked questions.

What have other churches done with James?
Live biblical drama presentations of "A Visit from James" have been used in place of a Sunday morning sermon, and as a change of pace for Sunday evening or midweek services. In the past David Kitz has teamed with the Canadian Bible Society for Bible drama presentations that emphasize the importance of God's living word in daily life. After dinner theatre, and presentations for special ministry groups have also been successfully staged.

How long does a presentation take?
About thirty minutes from first verse to closing prayer.

Are there any props or staging requirements?
Yes. For large groups a lapel mike is recommended. On hand materials will be used for props.

Will James be in costume?

How much does a presentation cost?
For local presentations the cost is $150, or a free will offering. Depending on distance, a travel charge may also apply.

What good is it to say that you have faith, when you don't do any thing to show that you really do have faith. Can that kind of faith save you?

What might happen if James visited your church?
Your people might develop a new appreciation for God's word. A dormant faith may be activated into avenues of practical service. Poisonous tongues may become springs of life. Polluted hearts may be purified.