The Centurion's Report

 A one-man, four-act play

The message of the cross - No other story is more powerful!

No other story in human history has touched more lives. "The Centurion 's Report" is a reenactment of this pivotal event in human history. It's the story of our Lord's passion, but it's told from a different point of view, the viewpoint of the centurion who witnessed Christ's death upon the cross. It was this man who is quoted in Matthew's gospel as saying, "Truly, this was the Son of God." Mt 27:54

Novel and Audiobook

The Soldier Who Killed a King

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Inspired by years of performing The Centurion's Report, David has written a work that plunges you even deeper in to the turbulent Passion Week. All from the Soldier's perspective.

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The Soldier, The Terrorist & The Donkey King - audio

More on the Centurion's Report

How did this hardened Roman soldier reach this remarkable conclusion about Jesus? In essence, this is the same confession that Peter made regarding our Lord. What events led the centurion to make this confession? Were the Romans aware of Christ's claims? Were they disturbed by His kingly entry into Jerusalem? What about the resurrection? It was Roman soldiers who were assigned to guard Christ's tomb. Surely, they knew the truth about Jesus rising from the dead.

"The Centurion's Report" is a one-man, four-act play, written and performed by David Kitz. David draws on his years of experience as a pastor, teacher, and actor to deliver a cross centered drama, which touches the hearts and minds of all who see it.

As the hammer blows ring out the Holy Spirit moves bringing people to repentance and faith in Christ. Countless lives have been changed by the Spirit as they have witnessed this portrayal of the death, burial and resurrection of our Lord. Have you been to the cross lately? Every man, woman and child needs to visit there.

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