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Psalms Alive!

Have you heard the Scriptures come alive?

Have you heard...

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"A Visit From James"

A one-man drama presentation, spoken and acted straight from the book of James. The words from the brother of Jesus, have never rung more true than today, with calls for repentance and humility for every believer, practical faith, love for the poor, and opposition to sin.

Spoken in a conversational style from the CEV version of scripture.

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A Visit from James Video

The Centurion's Report

The Easter message -the message of the cross told from a soldier's perspective.

An unforgettable drama that cuts to the heart.

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Six Months on the Salem Storehouse Bestseller List

Discover for yourself what a soul-bonding relationship with God looks like. As never before, let the psalms come alive for you.

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Winner of The Word Guild Historic Novel Award
#1 Bestseller for 8 Months

at Salem Storehouse, Canada's largest independent Christian Book Retailer

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Winner of the Word Guild Children's Picture Book Award

Little Froggy Explores the BIG World is a modern parable about a little frog, who has just grown big enough to leave the pond. Papa Bullfrog warns him to watch out for snakes. He then sets off . . . will he return?

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Children's Book with DVD Now available!